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A new family situation, a new city or even a new country is always an opportunity. And at the same time, it is a good time to think about the following: When was the last time you thought about the things you value in working life?

What does work mean to you? Would you like to work in a familiar setting which you already have training for, or would you like to spread your wings in a new domain? Or would it be time to finally start your own business? These are big questions worth taking the time to explore.

Although Finnish working life requires some getting used to it, there is room for different experiences and skills. Besides, in many companies it is enough to master English. However, the desires of the employer and the employee do not always coincide so let us help you to make your return from family leave back to work as smooth as possible.

Here’s a few tips for those returning from family leave to work:

1. Map your skills before you decide to return to work.

Map your working life skills: what do you know, what do you want to learn, where are your areas of discomfort, what would you be interested in? What lessons you have learned from past experiences?

2. Appreciate your new skills.

Parenting has brought you resilience and new skills that are useful in working life. In addition, your old skills are still there, even if you haven’t worked for a while and are now living in a new country, Finland. Or would it be time to study something new or update your skills with additional training.

3. Work gives you new contacts and is a bridge to the Finnish society.

As an employee, you meet new people, make new contacts and get to know the Finnish society.

4. There is no one solution.

The decision to return to work, when to do it and to what kind of work is affected by many practical and financial factors. Discuss this with your family, friends, and with the career counsellors at TE Services. Gather information to support your decision and view the matter from different angles.

5. Remember to ask for and receive help.

After a day at work, there is no need to do another full day at home. Could you consider getting help or lowering your cleanliness standards? You should also learn to get help in finding a job, updating your CV and identifying your strengths.

Need help in finding a job or mapping career options? Want to polish your skills? Or do you need more information on how to reconcile family and work? Read more at and register for individual and solution-focused work life coaching coordinated by the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

Coaching in groups and individually is available in English and ten other languages. Participating in coaching provides support and tools for a successful transition to working life, a new career, or education. Coaching is free and does not bind you to anything.

Grab the opportunity now and join the individual and solution-focused work life coaching for parents on family leave – free of charge. Coaching in groups and individually is offered in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Kuopio, Oulu and digitally in Lapland. The last coaching will start at the end of June, so apply now!


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